Not that change management workflows are the stuff that dreams are made of, but managing the process for a large enterprise with a complex network can be a real nightmare. It takes time—hours, sometimes days—to identify access paths and firewalls in need of changing; analyze environment risks of proposed changes; and guard against misconfigurations and overlapping rule.

And despite the man-hours, you still have no assurance that the change was implemented as intended.

Automating change management workflow with security in mind can result in significant cost savings and reduce business risk, while improving security processes and internal communications.

Cost Savings (for 150-firewall deployment with 100 changes per firewall per year)

  • Save more than $400,000 in the first year, compared to manual change management costs
  • Omit rework and prevent costly errors that can lead to data breaches or downtime

Reduce Business Risk

  • Ensure continuous compliance—a Skybox customer reports moving from C- to A+ FISMA compliance rating after deploying Skybox
  • Reduce risk exposure of proposed changes by simulating attack scenarios in a network model before changes are implemented

Process Improvements

  • Reduce firewall management time by more than 80 percent with an objective and consistent change management process
  • Reduce the dependency on special skills / expertise
  • Improve business availability by proactively visualizing and testing access paths for new services
  • Streamline documentation for audits

Improve Communications

  • Reconcile change requests
  • Demonstrate compliance to auditors on-demand

Skybox has worked with hundreds of large enterprises and government agencies to automate firewall management and streamline change control. Our change management experts have put together a best practice guide for secure change management. Check out it here.