When the first birthday rolls around, most babies are just learning how to stand on their own, how to palm Cheerios into their mouths, and wearing these confounding things called “shoes” for the first time.

Our one-year-old assesses risk policy compliance based on networks, improves vulnerability management, and performs access compliance checks on next-generation firewalls. Take that, infants.

With the major upgrade Skybox 7.5.100 just released, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on the functionality added in version 7.0. Just over a year ago, Skybox released version 7.0 with a ton of new capabilities to help keep your network safe and operations running smoothly. Below are some of the new features we just have to brag about:

Change Management

Change Manager was significantly enhanced in 7.0, with cutting-edge features like enabling provisioning for Cisco firewalls by automatically generating the commands required. Change Manager also has the capability to asses risk policy compliance based on networks, not just firewalls.

We also added support for many capabilities including NAT rule changes, rule changes on firewall clusters, and support for unused objects.

Additionally, Change Manager now includes loads of customization features such as the ability to create custom workflows, define phase owners by application, and a mulitude of API improvements. If you want to see this baby in action, you can request a demo at any time.

Vulnerability and Threat Management

Ensuring that data is easy to find, understand, and apply was the focus of our efforts for Vulnerability Control and Threat Manager in 7.0. We’ve received amazing customer feedback on the dashboard functionality in the Discovery, Analytics, and Remediation centers.

In terms of vulnerability assessment, our patented scanless technology, Vulnerability Detector, now includes Qualys and McAfee scan data inputs to deduce vulnerabilities.

Security Policy Management

For Firewall Assurance and Network Assurance we add support for 15 new devices in 7.0 (you can see the full list of supported devices here). We added the ability to perform access compliance checks for applications or application groups for next-generation firewalls, and expanded our best-of-breed L2 firewall support automatic access compliance analysis.

If you were here, we’d show you endless screenshots and demos of its adorable functionality. But you’re not. So you’ll just have to start your 30-day free trial instead.