The flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and our developers are releasing a new version of Skybox. The following features can be found in version 7.5.200, available now!

Security Bulletins for Red Hat

Skybox now catalogs Red Hat Advisory threat alerts, adding valuable capabilities to Skybox Threat Manager and Skybox Vulnerability Control.  In Threat Manager you can view Red Hat Advisories when working in security bulletin mode, allowing you to manage your vulnerabilities from the advisory perspective. In Vulnerability Control you can create security metrics for the Red Hat Advisory security catalog, so you can view the risk level of all related vulnerabilities, as well as the remediation level of the advisories.

New Firewall Rule Review Policy

A new tool, rule review policy, was added to Skybox Change Manager.  Rule review policy automates the rule review process, enabling you to meet internal and external standards and review risky rules in a timely manner. Administrators can define policies for a specific set of rules, such as critically violating rules and/or unused rules, and set the next review date.

Risk Assessment Enhancements in Change Process

Customers who have both Firewall Assurance and Network Assurance can now specify which policy to use to calculate risk. This feature is specifically for customers whose network models include both firewall interfaces and networks configured and mapped to zones.  Additionally, in Network Assurance mode you can specify which policy to use in the calculation.

Easy Integration of External Content for Firewall Changes

A new panel has been added to Skybox Change Manager that allows you to present content from an external URL within the Change Manager interface.  This enables turnkey integration with additional systems. For example, the display might contain related information from your organization’s CMDB on IP addresses in the ticket.

Added Device/Management System Support

  • Arista routers
  • Symantec Endpoint Management

Click this link for a full list of supported devices.