Attack Simulation

19 11, 2015

Operation: Resilient Shield. Attack Simulation on Critical Banking Infrastructure

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In mid-November, US and UK banks waged war on cyber attackers in an effort to prevent massive data breaches and block exploitable vulnerabilities. Luckily, they were waging a war against themselves. In a joint exercise dubbed "Resilient Shield" the US and UK governments and the major banks they support gathered a team of security experts [...]

8 07, 2015

Attack Simulation: Be Your Own Worst Nightmare

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Hackers don’t play by the rules. Your IT security can’t assume that they do. Attack simulation sheds light on how your security measures might fare in the real world, where attackers exploit vulnerabilities, compromise hosts and set up camp behind your diligently compliant firewalls. It lets you test your own defenses. By understanding weaknesses in [...]