Attack Simulation: To Know the Enemy, You Must Become Your Enemy

So said Sun Tzu in his text The Art of War, and the words were as true in ancient China as they are in today’s world of constant cyber threats. The best way to defend your network from “virtual villains” is to simulate attacks as they would occur in the real world.

Creating attack scenarios allows you to gain visibility into attack vectors as well as their impact, keeping you ahead of would-be attackers. These simulations reveal your most exploitable vulnerabilities to a given destination and provide remediation options to close the exposure before it is exploited.

Want to know all of the hosts and networks with access to your finance servers? Skybox Vulnerability Control (formerly Risk Control) has the answer—in seconds. See the various paths from source to destination and even the individual firewall rules allowing that access. Layer in vulnerabilities and threat origins and sort results by business asset group to see what’s at the greatest risk. Drill down to see specifically what the attacks would look like (including stair-step attacks) and zero in on vulnerable devices.

Check out this short demo (4:30) to see Vulnerability Control attack simulation in action.

If you like what you see, try it for yourself. Download the Vulnerability Control 30-day trial for free.