On February 29, Skybox heads for the 25th annual RSA Conference in Silicon Valley’s backyard – beautiful San Francisco, CA. The silver anniversary promises to be a record-breaking year of attendees; more than 33,000 security die-hards are expected to attend the premiere North American cybersecurity conference. And Skybox doesn’t intend to disappoint.

Today, Skybox has announced a premiere security visualization solution – Skybox® Horizon. The first-of-its-kind security management tool gives CISOs the unprecedented ability to visualize their enterprise’s attack surface in its entirety.

Integrating with the Skybox® Security Suite, our award-winning analytics platform, Horizon uses the contextual intelligence gained from consolidating and analyzing data from various sources to create a visual, interactive model that links network topology, network connections, business units and organizational hierarchy. It shows Indicators of Exposure (IOEs) throughout the attack surface, such as exploitable attack vectors, hot spots of vulnerabilities, network security misconfigurations and risky firewall access rules, giving CISOs deep insight into the state of their security from the widest possible range of sources.

“For years, CISOs have struggled to gain a satisfactory level of visibility over their attack surface so they can truly understand their organization’s vulnerability to threats,” said Skybox Founder and CEO Gidi Cohen. “Traditional approaches have fallen short — data is isolated between technologies from multiple vendors, providing only fleeting glimpses of the state of security. When CISOs only have access to partial information, they can’t analyze data in context, which limits their ability to quickly make decisions about where to direct scarce resources. We’re changing this with Horizon.” (Read the full press release here.)

Live demos of Skybox Horizon, as well as the entire Skybox Security Suite, will be available at the Skybox RSA booth – South Hall, #915.

In addition to demos, there’s plenty of fun to be had at our booth. By just getting your badge scanned by Skybox, you get a Skybox LED Superball or a Skybox Light Wand, and you’re entered to win a GoProHERO4! Walk away with a Google Cardboard – Virtual Reality: Simplified – after any of our tech talks happening every thirty minutes on the following topics:

  • Attack Surface Visualization
  • Rule Certification Life Cycle
  • End-to-End Route Discovery with Skybox Change Manager

Skybox is also hosting a Security Social Hour (rather, hours) with our partner GuidePoint Security at John Colins Monday, February 29, 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. And if you feel yourself becoming a tradeshow zombie, treat yourself at the Skybox booth Tuesday, March 1 and Wednesday, Marcy 2, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. with free ice cream.

To keep up with the latest on Skybox at RSA, you can always check our Facebook event page or follow us on Twitter @skyboxsecurity.