The Blob. One of the great “B” monster movies of all time, if you can call a growing pile of gelatinous goo a monster. For those of you who may have missed this gem, the plot is as follows: meteor crashes to Earth, old man pokes it with a stick, and blob consumes his hand, his arm, the old man, and many other unfortunates in town. Oh and Steve McQueen’s there; he discovers the blob’s vulnerability—cold. The whole town hoses it down with fire extinguishers, and the Army drops it in the Artic. If only dealing with threats to your network was so easy.

The film ends with a question mark as if the blob just may wiggle its way to your town and eat your token old man who pokes meteorites with a stick.

When a new blob, urrr, vulnerability hits the headlines, your CISO is looking for Steve McQueen, urrr, you to answer: Is this on our network? and How soon can it be fixed? Once a vulnerability is known, the clock is ticking, and a streamlined vulnerability management operation is key. You need to quickly assess your network for new vulnerabilities—days are a luxury you don’t have. At the CISO level, response times are counted in hours.  Results must be prioritized by risk for your network, and provide actionable steps to get them remediated, today.

In this video (does not contain man-eating JELL-O molds), learn how Skybox helps security teams discover all at-risk assets, simulate potential attacks, and prioritize remediation efforts. Beyond workflow, Skybox enables closed-loop vulnerability management, communicating risk levels by organizational unit, and maintaining consistent measurements of risk levels across the organization.

Skybox Vulnerability Control aligns network and security teams by showing which attack vectors are exploitable and integrating actionable steps for remediation. Skybox provides the comprehensive solutions vulnerability management teams need in order to tackle the expanding attack surface. Beware of the blob.