Today, Skybox released Skybox Security Suite v8.0.300 to our customers. Continuing on our promise to deliver comprehensive visibility of an organization’s entire attack surface, our latest release introduces software-defined network (SDN) modeling capabilities to the Skybox integrated security analytics platform. The release also debuts out-of-the-box support for data collection from VMware vSphere, Huawei routers and Trend Micro’s Deep Security asset management system.

Understanding the way that traffic flows into and around an enterprise network is key to ensuring the continuous security of your most critical data. Historically, though, network traffic hasn’t been monitored once it entered a virtual environment. But recent attacks have shown that in order to be truly protected, that traffic must be scrutinized and modeled to understand the risks that various security groups and virtual access policies may have on your critical data.

Virtualization (SDN) Support for Virtual Network Modeling

The Skybox network model now supports virtualization domains and tenants in the same way we model current network devices. With the understanding of security tags and groups in SDNs, Skybox can run access analysis queries to and from anywhere on the network, including east-west traffic through virtual data centers. Users can view the access path and all of the rules between a source and destination, including security tag rules that allow or deny that access.

Deep Support for VMware vSphere and NSX Environments

Skybox now integrates deeper than ever with the VMware ecosystem. With a new connector into vSphere, we can now import network configuration data, microsegmentation data and asset data to provide the same visibility in SDN (VMware NSX) and virtual environments that Skybox already provides to physical networks.

New Connectors: Huawei and Trend Micro

In addition to vSphere and NSX connectors, we now support Huawei routers and Trend Micro’s Deep Security asset management system. These connectors expand Skybox capabilities to import data and normalize it with all other network device information to help you manage your security effectively and reduce your attack surface.

Adding to the new capabilities above, Skybox Appliances are now using CentOS 7 as their operating system. A full list of our latest improvements as well as features released in previous versions are available in our Skybox Release Notes v8.0.300.

The upgrade is available today, and is included for customers with current support agreements.