Skybox Security is pleased to announce that CEO and co-founder Gidi Cohen has been named a finalist for the 2014 Computing Security Award for “Personal Contribution to IT Security.”

Since founding Skybox Security in 2002, Cohen has been instrumental in building awareness and adoption of security risk management solutions in the marketplace. Prior to Skybox, Cohen was the CEO and co-founder of Vigil Technologies, Inc., and he also served as an officer in the IDF Intelligence Corps.

Cohen has a strong background and insights into the business and technical implications of vulnerability management, threat management, risk management, network security, and modeling and simulation technologies. He is also a frequent speaker at security conferences, most recently speaking at InfoSecurity Europe earlier this year.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for my contributions to the security industry. Organizations today are operating in an increasingly risky landscape with cybercriminals and nation states perpetually seeking vulnerabilities to capitalize upon,” said Cohen. “It’s essential that security professionals collaborate and share knowledge in order to combat these ever evolving threats. I look forward to continuing to participate in efforts to address cyberthreats worldwide.”

The Computing Security Awards were set up to recognize the solutions and the solution-providers that have been particularly impressive in the fight against security threats. On-line nominations have established the finalists and voting is currently underway.

The 2014 Computing Security Awards will be presented to winners at a gala awards banquet at the Russell Hotel in London in October.