Just in time for fall, Skybox is excited to announce the latest version of our award-winning security software is now available in pumpkin spice! Not really.  The following actual features can be found in version 7.0.500, available now.

Access Compliance for Applications

Next- Generation Firewalls allow you to control access to both the standard port/service pairing, and applications. To support this, Skybox has added the ability to perform access checks by applications.  Blocking Access Checks can be created using applications or application groups.  Additionally, Skybox Firewall Assurance now includes a predefined access policy that includes application access checks.

Multiple Workflows

Change Manager now supports multiple workflows, or series of ticket phases, which include due date settings. Organizations can now enable customized workflows for different groups or change request types. Administrators can create as many workflows as necessary to support your organization’s processes and create user permissions for each workflow to specify who is allowed access.

User Modification Dates for Threat Manager

A new field has been added to Threat Manager to indicate if the vulnerability information was last modified by a user, or the system (e.g. via database update).  This new data can be found as a new column in the table, as well as in the history log of the vulnerability.

Added Device/Management System Support

  • Fortinet FortiManager
  • VMware vShield Edge

Click this link for a full list of supported devices.

Stay up to date on Shellshock, Heartbleed and all the latest vulnerabilities using the Skybox Vulnerability Center.

More Information

For more information or to request a guided demo of these new features please contact your local sales team or send an email to info@skyboxsecurity.com.