The latest version of the Skybox Enterprise Suite provides total visibility for end-to-end access routes across your entire network, dives deep for detailed views into firewall rules and data, and expands customization of attributes to fit any organization’s unique needs.

Direct Hit Count Collection for Cisco Firewalls

Skybox’s firewall management solution, Firewall Assurance, now has added the ability to collect rule usage information directly from the Cisco device command in addition to data retrieved from syslog. Skybox extended the collection task and now allows you to select whether to retrieve the hit counts of the access rules in addition to the configuration of the device. The rule usage analysis is immediately available with the collection of the firewall data.

End-to-End Access Routes for Specific Firewalls

Skybox Change Manager has been upgraded to highlight all derived routes involving a specific firewall for a particular access update.  This allows users to quickly and easily see all proposed rule changes for a given access update.  In the image below you can see the firewall “main_FW” highlighted in two derived routes.

Skybox Change Manager: Network Mode

Expanded APIs for Change Manager

A new set of API methods is now available, providing deeper customization to streamline Change Manager’s integration into your existing enterprise environment. Users can now add, modify, delete, or retrieve change requests of all types including the derived requests of Access Update requests.  Additionally, with new API methods users can retrieve the generated commands of the derived requests and the verification details of the Add Rule and Modify Rule change requests.

Business Attributes for Assets

With the latest Skybox platform, users can include business attributes for assets, such as owner, site, business function, and more; custom attributes can also be defined to suit organizational needs. This feature gives organizations a centralized management platform for the network, including the different assets within it.

Business attributes for assets

Device/Management System Support Additions and Updates

  • Alteon Load Balancer
  • BMC BladeLogic Network Automation
  • Generic CMDB CSV Parser

You can see a full list of Skybox supported devices on our website.



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