It’s back-to-school time, and no backpack would be complete without the latest version of the Skybox Enterprise Suite. Skybox 7.5.400 includes new features to maintain continuous security policy compliance, access simulation to avoid risky firewall changes, vulnerability detection for RedHat Satellite, and increased support for AWS environments, available now!

Rule Recertification Policy

Skybox’s firewall management solution, Firewall Assurance, includes the final feature to completely enable firewall rule lifecycle management in Skybox.  Rule lifecycle management provides for an automatic and continuous rule review process to streamline firewall rulesets and ensure compliance. Its enhanced integrated policy defines when rules need to be reviewed by automatically setting the next review date based on risk policy and generating tickets for rules approaching that review date.

Enhanced Firewall Identification Logic

A unique capability has been added to Skybox Change Manager to identify all gateways in the route of a proposed firewall change, including firewalls, routers, and load balancers.  Change Manager “Network Mode” leverages the complete network model in Skybox matching source and destination locations by performing access simulation to provide the most accurate method for identifying firewalls requiring rule changes.

This is particularly beneficial in NAT-rich environments where it can be difficult to identify relevant firewalls and necessary changes. The network mode is also capable of identifying L2 firewalls and supports a visual representation of the identified routes, providing details on traffic and the change request.

Skybox Change Manager: Network Mode

Vulnerability Detection for Red Hat Satellite

Our vulnerability management solutions, Skybox Vulnerability Control, now supports vulnerability detection over Red Hat Satellite for Linux assets. The increased coverage in the Vulnerability Detector feature identifies vulnerabilities based on operating system internal packages, and will help incident response teams quickly analyze a 0-day impact and take action faster.

AWS Support

Skybox support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to grow, providing total visibility over AWS environments. Our AWS connector retrieves virtual private clouds and their edge routers and firewalls, as well as all included hosts. On hosts, Skybox models the security zone filtering rules providing for a complete understanding of east-west traffic. The AWS connector also supports network access compliance analysis in Network Assurance, and queries in Access Analyzer to enable end-to-end path analysis into the cloud and provide access rules for in-depth analysis.