Firewall change management can grow more difficult by the day as network configurations change, attack methods evolve, and the data mountain grows. While change management is necessary to keep networks secure and compliant, it’s also a pitfall to fix something that’s not broken.

The manual analysis methods that many organizations have in place are time-consuming, error-prone, and may have you making unnecessary or unwanted changes to firewalls that aren’t impacted by a change request.

In our first podcast, I sit down with Senior Product Marketing Manager Michael Bruchanski to get an understanding of the many features of Skybox Change Manager. Learn how with Change Manager you can:

  • Automate access path analysis to reduce time upfront and any time that would be spent on rework
  • Automate risk assessment to ensure proposed changes keep you in compliance and reduce exposure to greater risk
  • Get complete tracking and reporting information so you can be sure changes were implemented correctly and be ready for any audits that may arise

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