“Without Skybox we would have only realized we no longer owned a key firewall after it was too late.” – BT Global Services

In the banking and finance sector the onus is on the financial organization to maintain compliance with regulations while supporting the dynamic landscape of the business.  Often this means incorporating new assets or joining business units, but divesting assets can prove to be a greater challenge.

On Wednesday 30 April, BT Global Services’ Robert Mitchell, Account Director, will present “Meeting Regulation and Compliance challenges in the Banking and Finance Sector.”  The presentation will be at 12:00 and 15:00 in the Skybox Booth, Stand #E10.

In his presentation Mitchell highlights how Skybox enabled network visibility that was necessary to determine asset ownership while divesting part of the organization. With Skybox, BT was able to identify key assets that could have been lost during the separation, which otherwise would not have been discovered until after the separation was complete.

Additionally Mitchell will talk about reputational risk, and how maintaining your reputation as secure institution can be an important consideration when allocating funding for security.

BT Global Services delivers a combination of communications and IT services to more than 10,000 organizations and governments worldwide.  With decades of experience working at the forefront of network security, BT helps their customers understand and prioritize the risks faced in their organizations, and provides solutions to defend against the ever-changing threat environment.

You can read more about Skybox and BT in this case study.

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