Enterprise firewalls change daily, sometimes hourly. And they require continuous change management, monitoring and maintenance to keep them secure, compliant and optimized for high performance. The challenge is significant and the risks are real. One misconfiguration and you are open to attack.

To open up a new business service, network and security teams need to identify the number of firewalls that need to be changed to allow access. But what if one of those changes is too permissive, thereby creating a risky access path? Or, by making certain changes within that environment, you changed a security control that exposed vulnerabilities that previously were blocked?

Skybox has a fresh approach to firewall change management, bringing together network topology context, with vulnerabilities and threats. By combining those two data sources, Skybox provides accurate, detailed data on potential risks that could occur during the change process.

Additionally, Skybox provides an end-to-end workflow management platform that enables internal communication, while reducing workload and risk. Specifically, Skybox takes the description of a change request and converts it into the specific changes that should be applied to each relevant firewall. Skybox then provides a risk assessment for each of these changes. Lastly, Skybox provides detailed instructions, in the language of the particular device that needs to be changed, to the team implementing the firewall change request.

Learn more about Skybox’s unique approach to firewall change management in this video interview with industry analyst Richard Steinnon of IT-Harvest.

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