We’re proud to have our customer Capita present at the upcoming Infosecurity Europe conference on their real-world experience of working with Skybox solutions for firewall and change management. Capita’s David Robinson, a security consultant with more than 10 years’ experience in security, risk, and compliance management, will present Network Visibility to Manage Firewall Changes & Reduce Risk at the Skybox booth (stand C40).

Capita, a London-based international process outsourcer, has security challenges common to most enterprise networks: large, complex firewall infrastructure needing efficient and optimized rule sets; maintaining PCI and internal compliance despite team focus laying elsewhere; and assessing risk of numerous firewall changes and that changes are implemented as intended. Using Skybox’s security policy management solutions, they’re able to optimize security and save time and money.

Visibility & Intelligence

Skybox helps Capita gain total network visibility to reduce their attack surface and prevent attacks before they happen. With Skybox Firewall Assurance, Capita can quickly model their network and access up-to-date information on layer 3 devices, configuration, log data, and policies.

Compliance Made Easy

Compliance may be deemed the necessary evil of firewall management. Skybox helps customers like Capita streamline processes with daily, automated compliance checks so security teams can focus on the risks that matter. Using Skybox solutions, Capita is able to maintain consistent compliance with PCI standards and internal policies and adhere with CIS firewall benchmarks.

Take Control of Firewall Changes

Using Skybox Change Manager, Capita can automate their change management workflow. The solution allows Capita to easily monitor and reconcile changes and review changes to ensure they were implemented as intended. Change Manager’s automated tracking and reporting capabilities helps demonstrate compliance and prepare for firewall audits in a snap. Also, Change Manager’s unique capability to assess vulnerabilities potentially exposed by changes allows Capita to perform quick risk assessments and avoid risky changes before they’re implemented.

Accuracy & Efficiency

Efficiency is crucial in an era of big networks and even bigger data. Capita aimed to have an accurate and efficient rule base and establish a well-defined firewall rule review process. Firewall Assurance helps them meet these goals every day, enabling log collection to evaluate hit counts, removing disabled rules, and disabling rules with no hits. The Skybox solution also evaluates rules to ensure they are fully utilized for firewall optimization and provides a repeatable, consistent process to improve operational efficiency.


Attending Infosecurity Europe? See the presentation live at Skybox stand C40 Tuesday, 2 June at 12:00 and 14:00.

Can’t make it to London? Check out the Capita case study here.