The cybersecurity industry is experiencing a skills gap a million-men wide as cyberthreats become more advanced and attack surface complexity grows. In her Infosec Island article, Skybox VP of Worldwide Marketing Michelle Johnson Cobb gives three ways the industry could hope to attract more women: show them the money, value the diversity of talent they bring and end the token tradeshow speech.

“Increasing the visibility of women in cybersecurity can improve community within the industry and also influence younger women who perhaps have the much-needed skills but are undecided in their career path. Many cybersecurity conferences often have speaking opportunities for women in the industry to give insight on establishing their career in a male-dominated field.

“Unfortunately, too often these are some of the only presentations given by women at such conferences. What would be more useful to the women in the audience would be to see women presenting on their work rather than their career. This is not to suggest career talks given by women for women should be eliminated; rather, they should not be used as a sort of ‘affirmative action check box’ for conferences.

“Women need to see that though they are underrepresented in cybersecurity, they are not an anomaly. They, like women before them, have value to contribute to the industry and their efforts can shape it for years to come.”

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Closing the cybersecurity skills gap - calling all women