Your corporate network is changing by the minute—users are added, access paths are opened and closed, rules are changed. Ensuring each change complies with security policies as mandated by numerous regulations is a tedious, time-consuming process.

Many IT organizations whom I visit are tracking firewall changes manually using spreadsheets. Scalability is a major issue for them to record and track every change.

Skybox Change Manager adds fully automated change workflow capabilities to Skybox Firewall Assurance. By ensuring changes are implemented correctly the first time, Change Manager reduces firewall management time by as up as 80 percent:

  • Replace spreadsheets and manual path analysis with automated risk assessment.
  • Prevent costly errors that can lead to data breaches, downtime, and rework.

Skybox brings comprehensive network visibility and risk analysis to change management work. Change Manager includes three unique automated capabilities:

  • Access Path Analysis: Understand what devices are in the path, what firewalls currently allow, what needs to be changed, and what doesn’t.
  • Risk Analysis of Proposed Changes: Assess the risk of proposed changes on a network model before they are implemented, helping to drive down risk while still enabling business.
  • Ticket-to-Change Reconciliation: Compare approved tickets with observed firewall modifications to confirm changes were implemented as planned.

To learn more about Change Manager, request a demo or attend a short Product Tour next week: