“Voilà” is not a word often used in vulnerability management, even less so when configuring a new device. But that’s how SC Magazine described the basic configuration of the Skybox Enterprise Suite. Skybox’s vulnerability assessment and vulnerability analysis capabilities distinguished it as the solution to modern-day network woes, earning a 5-star rating from SC Magazine’s 2015 Vulnerability Management Product Test Group.

“Skybox is a great enterprise vulnerability assessment tool. Users can be confident it will prove reliable for securing the network,” wrote Peter Stephenson, Technology Editor. SC Magazine also noted that Skybox enables “continuous view of vulnerabilities on a network and provides security teams with remediation strategies to minimize risks.” Skybox received perfect marks in features, ease of use, performance, and value for money. Strengths cited were organization, in-depth filtering of data, and integration with other software; under weaknesses, they reported “none found.”

Aside from easy setup, the review noted other product pros including intelligent and actionable vulnerability data as well as network mapping.

Vulnerability Data


[vulnerability and compliance scan] results gave us in-depth information about what systems were vulnerable, which vulnerabilities were exploitable, and ways to remediate these issues. … Within … dashboards, the in-depth ability to filter, sort and display data was useful.”*

Skybox Vulnerability Control includes scanless vulnerability assessment, which allows customers to quickly and seamlessly scan their entire network when a new vulnerability or threat is announced and enables same-day attention to emerging risks.

Network Mapping

“Another valuable aspect was its network-mapping capability, which allows for the diagram to be exported as an image or to a Vizio-compatible format.”*

More than just map network endpoints, Skybox’s innovative approach of network modeling considers not only devices, but also network context and risk analysis. Network modeling allows customers to better simulate attacks and understand vulnerabilities in real-world context.

Needless to say, we’re truly honored to receive such a review from the voice of the industry, SC Magazine.

But if you don’t put much faith in the stars, try the Skybox yourself in our free 30-day trial.


* SC Magazine Skybox Enterprise Suite Review