The Skybox View

2708, 2015

FTC to Protect Customer Data and Extend Regulations to Cyber Security

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The ruling in FTC v. Wyndham gives the Federal Trade Commission power to regulate how companies protect customer data and punish offenders. We look at what Wyndham could have done differently.

2408, 2015

See What’s Inside Skybox 7.5.400

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Check out the latest version’s new features like rule recertification policy for firewall management, enhanced change management firewall identification, vulnerability detection for Red Hat Satellite, and increased support for Amazon Web Services

2108, 2015

Through the Looking Glass: Why security researchers are stirring up the industry

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What do the DOJ, Apple, and Oracle have in common? Confusion over what to do with independent security researchers.

1808, 2015

Patch Panic! Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Update for All Windows Versions

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A critical Internet Explorer vulnerability has caused Microsoft to release an emergency patch just one week after August’s Patch Tuesday

1808, 2015

Life after Breach: 5 steps to recover from a cyber attack

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Christina Kubecka’s Black Hat briefing on recovering from the Aramco cyber attack lays out a playbook for post-attack recovery and adaptive security teams.

1208, 2015

Patch Tuesday Limbo: Microsoft releases monthly fixes for the new Windows 10

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Microsoft isn’t through with Patch Tuesday yet, releasing fixes for Internet Explorer, Edge, and Office as well as the new Windows 10 OS in their standard monthly update.

1108, 2015

Bringing Security into View: Visualization at Black Hat 2015

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Visual models combining data science and machine learning are the future for rapid-response cyber security.

608, 2015

CVSS V3: What’s in a Name?

By |August 6th, 2015|Vulnerability & Threat Management|Comments Off

The latest version of the Common Vulnerability Scoring System changes some metric value and vector names, but the real problem lies in vendors' limited adoption of the system

2807, 2015

Top 10 Most Vulnerable Vendors: 2015 thus far

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Adobe leads the pack of top 10 most vulnerable vendors with 142 critical vulnerabilities already reported in 2015.

2707, 2015

Cherokee Rex: How the car industry is steering toward doom

By |July 27th, 2015|Vulnerability & Threat Management|Comments Off

The wireless hack of a Jeep Cherokee shows the gaping holes in automotive digital security and how our love for the Internet of Things really could hurt us.